Technical Statement:

This collection of ceramic work explores the unique process of “collage style printing” as surface design on functional pottery. The pieces are formed from thrown slabs of white stoneware clay. Each piece is cut from a hand drawn template and brought to the third dimension with the aid of artist made plaster, bisque and foam molds. As the clay firms the first layer of slip is applied. Once the pieces are completely dry the decoration process begins with layers of ceramic under glaze followed by blocks and strokes of solid color. Layers of imagery are created with screen prints, rubber block prints (both laser cut and hand carved original illustrations are used), gadget printing and handwritten script. Color is painted in using under glaze, much like watercolor paint. The work is fired to bisque and more layers of colored, glossy and matt glaze finish the piece making it fully functional and durable for everyday use.


Artist Statement:

Imagination is something often ignored in our busy modern lives, however, if creativity is fostered, stories and narratives can be found all around us. My work is about creating everyday ceramic objects rich with pattern, images and text, which spark the imagination of their user.


Hand building allows me to connect with the clay on an intimate level as each piece records the process of creation. The addition of slips and imagery is inspired by historical folk pottery found throughout the world yet speaks of my life and personal experiences living in Baltimore.


Through my work I hope to elevate this humble ceramic material and primitive process into something to be discovered and cherished. I hope to encourage the exploration of a mug or plate and promote a daydream while simply sipping a cup of coffee or serving cookies to a friend.



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